Doug Locksmith FTW is your go-to service for all your lock and keys needs for your home. If you need to Change Locks, for example, our technicians’ knowledge will be of value in helping you select the best ones as well as in making sure that they are installed correctly.


If and when locked out of house and none of your family members is available to give you a spare key, you can call us and in minutes we will be on our way to help you get back into your home.



Nights / Weekends! No Extra Charge


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Do you need Lock Change for your home? Are your locks weak and unable to provide you with the security that you need? If you call our service line in Fort Worth, Texas we will dispatch a qualified locksmith to work with you to install high quality locks.

15 Min Response in Most Cases


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When you need locksmith lockout or lost key services, we are the locally based service that most people rely on for these needs. We can assist you quickly and we replace your keys so that you can gain access to your home.

Quick, Reliable & Professional Locksmith


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When you need to void previous keys to secure your home if you have relocated, we can rekey door lock for you. This is a cheaper service than installing new locks, but it gives you a new start. If you have a need to change door Lock to give yourself and your family even better protection, we can use our knowledge and experience to offer this service quickly in Fort Worth, TX.